Caught Edit

At some point, once the relationship between Hayoda and Irah has developed...

Zuko: Irah, you in he----GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!!

Sokka: What's with all the shouti-Hayoda?! My man! Nice one! Long distance high-five.

"This results in the most awkward Agni Kai ever."

Mai: Let me get this straight. Since Hayoda isn't a Firebender. Irah is acting as his champion. So you'll be fighting against our daughter.

Zuko: It's to defend her honor!

Mai: That doesn't make any sense.

Zuko: This is HONOR! It doesn't have to!

Bedtime Stories Edit

Zuko: Alright, Irah, do you want a story tonight?

Irah: Yes please!

Zuko: Would you like to hear how Daddy became Fire Lord?

Irah: Oh Mommy already told me that one.

Zuko: Oh?

Irah: She said after you dumped her in a letter, you betrayed your country and went galavanting with Uncle Aang while she was locked in jail... which she had to escape from by herself.

Zuko: ...t...that does sound like Mommy...

So Much Edit

Mayekoi: "I might draw Zuko next, but I hate drawing Fire Nation nobility's clothing SO MUCH"

(Zuko is sitting on the edge of his bed, dressed in shirt and trousers, scowling.)

Mai: Come on, honey, you're keeping your subjects waiting.

Zuko: Can't I just meet them like this?

Mai: The Fire Lord always has to wear his robes of state in public. It's tradition.

Zuko: But they're bulky and hot and annoying! I hate them SO MUCH!

Initiation Edit

"I think it's safe to assume the entire gaang (perhaps outside of Aang, as he's the Avatar) became the de-facto next generation of the Order of the White Lotus:"

Zuko: Ow ow ow ow ow YEEEEOOOOUUUUCH! Is the initiation over yet?

Sokka: What? You filled out the form right? Yeah, you're in.

Zuko: I-I did that last week! What was the point of all those tests? Trapping me in a room with a mooselion? Making me walk around Ba Sing Se in my wife's dress? Beating me with sacks full of cantaloranges? Do you do this to all your new initiations?

Iroh: Actually, it's a new tradition that our younger members came up with. Congratulations nephew, you have set a bold new tradition for the Order of the White Lotus: Zuko week!


Zuko: YEOW! Cut it out Toph!

Toph: Oh, we're done?