Teo is the son of a great mechanist and has been learning much
Teo by smellychocolate

from his father. As Teo and the parents of Gaang Jr. grew so

has their friendship. Teo today has become a great engineer of

his time and has helped improve many lives. He has currently

come up with new projects and ideas with Sokka, who has one

brilliant mind. At the moment the kids have stopped by Teo's

workshop for supplies and repairs. Not to mention they love

messin with his gadgets and "playground"(labratory).


Teo is an energetic,intelligent and polite individual. He very childlike and somewhat immature. Even though he is confined to a wheel chair that doesn't stop him from going about anywhere he wishes.


I'm not sure about his love life but many usually like to see him paired off

with Toph. Currently Toph is mostly paired off with Tom Tom at the moment.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Well this one isn't fun but his dad died in an accident about nine years ago.(T-T)