These are various tracks contributors have suggested would make great tracks for Gaang Jr.. In addition to these, just about everything from the Wind Waker soundtrack would work excellently with Gaang Jr.

Yi Lin Tracks Edit

Track Description
thumb|150px|left "Yi Lin's theme song. Or at the very least, the background for an awesome shipping montage." -CNB
thumb|150px|left "Yi Lin, just picture this as spy music as she sneaks around and hides behind lamp posts."
thumb|150px|left Some more Yi Lin spy music.
thumb|150px|left "I always felt this could work great for Yi Lin's inquisitive 'Is this PROOF, PEOPLE?' moments." -Seviper

Hayoda/General Adventure Tracks Edit

Track Description
thumb|150px|left "I always heard 'Hayoda's theme' as something more bouncy."
thumb|150px|left "Imagine Hayoda whisking Irah off to some unknown land set to this." -Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
thumb|150px|left "I picture Hayoda as looking almost precisely like a less pasty-faced version of Howlin' Pelle Almqvist." -CNB
thumb|150px|left "Perfect for Hayoda's goofier moods. Hell, it could almost work as a theme song for the ship itself." -Dr. Genome

Yue Tracks Edit

Track Description
thumb|150px|left "For when Yue is being particularly cute."
thumb|150px|left "Yue's training music."

Tseng Tracks Edit

Track Description
thumb|150px|left "Sounds like the either YiLin or Tseng to me." -Mayekoi

Other Tracks Edit

Track Description
thumb|300px|left It's Wind Waker. Of course it fits!
Aquaria Soundtrack General ambient tracks
thumb|150px|left A softer piece for those introspective moments on the calm seas.
thumb|150px|left "I would say I consider this song Azula & Zuko's theme for this AU." -CNB
thumb|150px|left "Annnd--'cause it's kinda my thing--here's some epic battle music." -Rimmer
thumb|150px|left Kazuma's theme
thumb|150px|left "this is what comes to my mind when I think of crazy nomadic hobo AKA Kazuma" -Anonymous /co/mrade
thumb|150px|left Rimmer's pick for Junren's theme.
thumb|150px|left Rimmer's pick for Toph's theme.
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