Suki's Betrothal Necklace Edit

Older suki

Suki with her betrothal necklace.

"I imagine the betrothal necklace to have the same poor craftsmanship as the rest of Sokka's artistic creations."

Suki: oh Sokka, it's wonderful! I like the little sea shell.

Sokka: It's supposed to be a fan D:

Bedtime Stories Edit

"Nobody would sleep in Sokka's house, it would just turn into story time:"

Sokka: And so yer old man was like 'Hiyah!' with his sword, and 'Whoosh!' with boomerang! And then I had to save Auntie Toph and, oh, I broke my leg! It was awesome!

Suki: And then when your dad and Aunt Toph were in trouble, I beat up a bunch of bad guys and stole their airship! I was like 'Take this!'

Hayoda & Yue: YAAAAY!

"I just picture Sokka and Suki like, doing all these karate chops and stuff while Hayoda and Yue just stand there generically with their arms in the air screaming 'YAY'"

Winning and Losing Edit

"Maybe Sokka and Suki after some particularly sexually charged sparing, then they notice their kids are watching. Like she’s straddling him as they’re both panting and sweating. With Hayoda pulling Yue away."

Yue: What’s going on?

Hayoda: Never you mind, dad’s gonna score is all.

Yue: But dad lost...Why would he score?