Sokka is an existing character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. See Sokka's article on the Avatar Wiki for more information.

Biographical information
Nationality Southern Water Tribe
Age mid 30s
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Personal Information
Allies The Parents
Chronological and political information

something something of Kyoshi Island (Mayor?)

Stupid sexy Sokka.

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Template:QWhat does Sokka do in this post-war world? He lives on Kyoshi Island with Suki (his father Hakoda is still very involved with the Southern Water Tribe). He is still something of a tinkerer, and has passed down some of this interest to his daughter Yue (though, if Sokka focuses more on technology and inventions, Yue finds herself more interested in science and understanding things).

[Note to writers: there was also a little talk about having Sokka be the mayor of Kyoshi Island, but nothing has really been done to establish it one way or the other. If you're interested, be bold and take a stance on such things!]


Hayoda, Sokka's eldest, shares his father's proclivity for both wacky hijinks and a keen warrior's instinct, so naturally the two get along a little TOO well, according to most of the island residents. Sokka also taught his son the art of swordfighting and, rather inadvertently, gave him the focus for the first bout of adventuring by telling him all about the Space Sword and Boomerang.

Unlike his wife, Sokka has grown to be perfectly fine with Yue traveling with her brother, realising that a) Hayoda would never, EVER let harm come to his sister, and neither would anyone else on the crew, b) needs something to hold him back from being too reckless, and c) the trip was having a positive effect on Yue's bending, as well as letting her see a great many wonderful sights. Sokka has yet to tell his wife of these opinions, and likely never will for fear of reprisals.

Fun FactsEdit

  • The idea was toyed with for a while of Sokka running for mayor against a burlap sack with a sash tied around it. Sokka won with 51% of the vote.

Q: How did a Burlap Sack get 49% of the vote?

A: A strong platform on foreign policy, and fiscal responsibility.

A2: By not being Suki's goofy-assed husband.

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