Biographical information
Nationality Fire Nation
Age Preteen
Physical description
Gender Male
Personal Information
Allies Ching, Hannon, Tetsu, Gai Dao
Enemies Irah, The Gaang Jr.
Weapon of choice Fire, lots and lots of fire
Fighting Style(s) Firebending
Chronological and political information

Crewmember of Ching's Glory


The Anti-Gaang Jr.

Background Edit

The youngest member of Ching’s “anti-Gaang Jr.” crew, Pao is living proof that while Firebending through anger is crude and outdated, it also gets stuff done. Pao sometimes seems emotionally stunted for a preteen, instead acting like a spoiled toddler who throws tantrums at the drop of a hat. Combined with a prodigious stamina for someone his age, he is able to throw fire around in mass quantities for extended periods before suddenly crashing. Obviously, his childhood was hard for both him and everyone who knew him, so he eventually ran away from home and joined Ching, who had many uses for a walking explosion with a short attention span.

Pao’s style of Firebending is simple and brutal: he simply channels all of his immature discontent into a massive blast of heat and flings it in the general direction of his opponent. Obviously, this is not ideal for tag-team battles. His vast reserves of elemental power are also used to “supercharge” Ching’s Glory’s steam engine for short periods of time. It would appear that by channeling his negative feelings into pure energy, his destructive habits have a strangely therapeutic affect on Pao, though this is unlikely to be healthy in the long run.

Relationships Edit

Pao gets along okay with his fellow pseudo-pirates, though whenever he feels wronged he will hold a bitter grudge for at least an hour. He often admires Gai Dao for his supposed prowess in everything, though this does not exempt him from the occasional tantrum. Ching is the only person capable of making Pao sit down and be quiet, for obvious reasons.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Pao acts as the opposite of Irah.