Katajjaq Edit


This may help explain things.

Nikiru: Hey Yi Lin, come here, I want to show you something.

Yi Lin: What is it?

Nikiru: Oh, just a little game. Its pretty popular with the girls back home, you are going to love it.

Yi Lin: Okay, I'll guess I could give it a try.

Nikiru Meets Aang and Katara Edit

Princess Nikiru: Oh Mister Avatar, do you think you can give this present to Yi Lin for me? I didn't know what to give her this time around, so I got her another dress.

Aang: Yi Lin?!

Katara: You know my daughter, is she OK?!

Nikiru: Yes, she is great. Yi Lin is my own valiant personal knight. (giggles)

(Aang and Katara simply look at each other, and raise an eyebrow.)

Tseng Wonders About Nikiru Edit

Tseng: So, you and my sister, are you like...friends?

Nikiru: The best of friends, she is great isn't she?

Tseng: Yes, she is, However, that is not really what I meant. I have noticed that you really like her, and want to be near her whenever we happen to run into you. Which I got to say, it happens surprising frequent.

Nikiru: Well, I think it was fate that I happen to find her, and that we became so close with each other.

Tseng: Close?!

Nikiru: Yes, really close.

Tseng:...You know what, I don't think I want to know anymore.

Nikiru: We had a sleep over, visited the sauna, and...

Tseng: Yeah, forget I asked.

Everyone's a Princess Edit

Hayoda: So, you're a princess?

Nikiru: Why, yes.

Hayoda: Well..

Yi Lin: I'm sort of like a princess too, at least that's what they kept telling me.

Irah: Ditto.

Tseng: I don't know if I'm considered nobility, but those people at the Fire Nation certainly treated me like I was.

Hayoda: (Referring to Yue) Yeah, I feel like we're missing something here.

Yue: I'm special too, right?


Jing: Well, la de da! You're all princesses out for adventure! Let's take a magical trip to fairyland where rainbows are made of candy and rivers of chocolate where you can ride Quadricorns and the cute animals will sing to you! Nobody. Cares.

Tseng: ...Did you just call me a princess?


Yue: B-b-but Hayoda. Fairyland, chocolate rivers, candy rainbows, and talking Quadricorns sounds like lots of fun.

Hayoda: No, that is not what...


Yue: I'm princess!

Tseng: You all are! (gesturing to the rest of the group)

Hayoda: Hey!

Tseng: Except Hayoda, he just got promoted to queen!