Biographical information
Nationality Northern Water Tribe
Age About 14
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Personal Information
Allies Yi Lin, Arluk, The Gaang Jr.
Fighting Style(s) none
Chronological and political information

Princess, diplomat


Northern Water Tribe princess

Brief DescriptionEdit

She's a cousin of Yue Classic, either directly or a second cousin, it's never touched on. Basically her uncle is Arnook, and he's yet to name an heir for the tribe. Nikiru's dad is power hungry (not maliciously so, just ambitious) and pledges his daughter as a candidate, then basically grooms her into a successor.

Nikiru, as a result, has no real friends and basically dedicates her life to her people. Yi Lin is her first real friend, and yeah, she's basically hard gay for her. Or shares an admiration. It's never really clear, except when she asked for a kiss.

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Nikiru first met up with the Gaang Jr. when Yi Lin fell overboard during a terrible storm, and the princess found her washed up on shore. The two stayed together at the North Pole while the rest of the kids searched far and wide for Yi Lin until finally they reunited.

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Nikiru out on "patrol" with Yi Lin The Masked Shipper

Yi Lin takes her shipping very seriously, and has started to tutor Nikiru in the ways of PROOF. When Yi Lin dons her Masked Shipper outfit, Nikiru accompanies her as The Proof Reader (also known as The Caped Truth-Aider). Chaos often follows in their wake as the two disguised girls take a more active role in molding the relationships around them -- though Nikiru often has trouble seeing the proof Yi Lin does.

Possessions Edit

  • Proof Reader Outfit -- Nikiru's outfit is slightly more practical than the Masked Shipper's, probably due to it coming from the Northern Water Tribe's military supplies. Less bulky than her princess' clothes, it features a dark indigo hooded cloak and blue fingerless gloves. To keep her eyes from burning after hours of people-watching, Nikiru wears yukłuktaak, Inuit snow glasses made from ivory.
    • Perhaps there is some symbolism in the proof Nikiru sees, and the proof that Yi Lin (whose costume has a piece of notebook paper always in front of her face) sees.
    • The Proof Reader also carries a boomerang fished out of the palace armory, and while Nikiru is a much worse shot than Yi Lin, it has already seen action at their hands.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Yi Lin's clothes were torn from the storm and her subsequent ordeal, so Nikiru forced her to get new, custom-made clothes (her "season 2" outfit) from the Northern Water Tribe.
    • When asked why Yi Lin's new clothes look like boy's clothes, one contributor replied, "Because she wants YiLin to be her 'husband.'"
  • Nikiru's name comes from the Igbo word "Nkiruka," meaning "the best is still to come."
  • Nikiru's "Proof Reader" costume is inspired by Watchmen's Nite Owl.
  • Nikiru has had three piercings in each ear since childhood.[1]

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  1. Ear Piercing and Almost Kisses, by Mil