Mai is an existing character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. See Mai's article on the Avatar Wiki for more information.

Biographical information
Nationality Fire Nation
Age 30s
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Personal Information
Allies The Parents
Weapon of choice Knives
Chronological and political information

Fire Lady

Fire Lady Mai, known to her husband, her old friends, and the New Gaang (and no-one else) as simply Mai, is the wife of Fire Lord Zuko and the current Queen of the Fire Nation. She is known for being legendarily bitter, easily-bored, and spiteful, though these qualities have been blunted significantly since the end of the War. Originally the daughter of a Fire Nation diplomat assigned to govern conquered Omashu and a childhood friend of Zuko, she was recruited into Azula's entourage during the War to help her track down the Avatar. Late in the War, she found her love of Zuko to be stronger than her fear of Azula, and so betrayed the latter to help the former escape with his life. As a result of this, she was locked in prison in his place until the War's end.

Zuko promptly freed her after Fire Lord Ozai fell, and she soon joined him as his wife and his Lady as he began his own reign as Fire Lord. Twenty-odd years later, their reign continues smoothly, and the two of them have had a child, who seems to take significantly after her mother- laid-back, nonchalant, and easily bored. And that last trait will soon come to haunt the Fire Lord and his Lady...

Mai is no soft-seat lady; years on the throne have not dulled her instincts or reflexes as one of the most capable non-bending warriors in the world. Her outfit is loaded with hidden pockets and pouches containing an arsenal of weaponry sufficient to hold off an entire army, and her skill in their use is unparalleled.


Mai has a particularly strained relationship with her younger brother Tom-Tom, being cordial at best when speaking to him or acting around him, with much the same attitude returned. The reason given is that she believes him to have become just another puppet of their parents and as such is projecting her displeasure at them onto him. It seems unlikely that Mai is foolish enough to actually believe this, but it provides a good cover story as to whatever real grievances she has against her sibling (or herself), so she goes along with it.

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