Katara is an existing character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. See Katara's article on the Avatar Wiki for more information.

Biographical information
Nationality Southern Water Tribe
Age 30s
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Personal Information
Allies The Parents
Weapon of choice Water
Fighting Style(s) Waterbending

Katara is a girl - well, a woman now - from the Southern Water Tribe, and at the time of the Avatar's Return, the last remaining Waterbender in that tribe. She and her brother Sokka were discovered and revived the sleeping Avatar Aang, and journeyed with him as he mastered the elements and ended the War.

Now married to Aang (who didn't see that coming?), Katara has devoted her life to helping her husband restore his decimated culture and to raising their two children, who have a reputation for getting into trouble where they shouldn't...

Like most of the Old Gaang, Katara became a teacher. Since Aang travels all over the world settling disputes, Katara would probably take to moving between the Water Tribes of the north, south and swamp, learning and spreading Waterbending, encouraging dialogue and trying to breathe new life into the art.

Before having her children, she stuck with Aang more on his travels, and afterward begun to set up community ties in the Water Tribes and the Northern Air Temple.

Katara carries no visible weapons, but she has need of none - she is a highly capable Waterbender, and while sometimes she carries a water flask for self-defense, her adventures taught her how to find water in the unlikeliest of places.

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Katara may or may not be pregnant with anywhere from 1-5 offspring at the current state of the adventure. Mild debate occurs, but most agree that as far as more Kataang babies go, its more a matter of when than if.

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