Tea Edit

Back when Jing was first being created:

"I think [the Haru/Jin kid] should only be an archer, and also the idea that she hates tea, even though her mother loves it. It could provide some funny moments with Irah, I would love to see Irah's reaction to that girl speaking badly of tea."

Jing: It's just hot leaf juice.

Irah: (leans over to Yi Lin) When can we get rid of her?

Another interpretation:

(Jing takes the last cup of Iroh's special tea by accident. Irah is disappointed.)

Jing: "Ugh! Tea!" (tosses the mostly full cup into a plant)

Hayoda: (holds Irah back as she attempts to make lightning) "Don't start a war don't start a war DON'T START A WAR!"

Probing Edit

"For no reason at all, I had the thought that Jing teasing Irah about Hayoda might have some comic potential. If only to see Irah acting all flustered and denying that there's anything between them, simply because she can't stand admitting that Jing is right about anything. She'd be a bit embarrassed but then:"

Irah: "Yeah... I kinda do like him."

Jing: "Whoa! I- I was just trying to tease you. I didn't think you'd out and say it like that....So when's the wedding?"

Why? Edit

"Although come to think of it, why is Jing interested in Tseng anyway?"

Yi Lin (or maybe Irah would work better): Why are you interested in Tseng anyway?

Jing: ...


Tseng: When my sister disappeared, I felt like the whole world had ended, like it was all my fault. I didn't know what to do. And I was so angry. Everything just seemed so pointless and stupid, and I lashed out against the people who tried to help me.

Jing: That must have been hard for you.

Tseng: I hated feeling like that, and I felt even worse because I hated the way I felt. Even after we found Yi Lin, I still felt so guilty. I hope you never have to see me like that.

Jing: Don't. I like you, do you understand, nothing's going to change that. And don't worry, if anything like that happens again you won't be alone, we'll face it together. I believe in you.


Jing: ...he's got a cute butt.