Biographical information
Nationality Earth Kingdom
Age Teenager (15-19)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Personal Information
Allies Tseng, The Gaang Jr
Weapon of choice Bow and arrows
Fighting Style(s) Archery
Chronological and political information

Tea deliverer for the Jasmine Dragon, Occasional mercenary

Jing is the daughter of Jin and Haru, who run a tea delivery business. She often has the responsibility to help deliver it, but is no fan of the drink. Her skills as an archer have proved their worth whenever she runs into the Gaang Jr, as adventure tends to follow in their wake.

She has a somewhat irreverent attitude, which contrasts with Tseng's serious attitude.

Relationships Edit

Jing is Tseng's girlfriend, ever since she met (and lost to) "Sen" at a beauty contest. When not together on adventures, they send letter by messenger-hawk to each other. Jing enjoys Tseng's company as it provides such a sharp contrast to her parents overly playful and embarassing attitudes, his youth coupled with his seriousness being a source of curiousity and of comfort to the travelling archer. She is likely the only individual that can truly get him to soften his somber façade and lighten up.

Jing's distaste for tea is, if not the cause, then certainly a sign of the animosity between her and Irah. She also finds Hayoda idiotic and has little patience for him. Naturally, Yi Lin is convinced that Jing is the perfect girl for Hayoda.

Fun Facts Edit

Jing was created out of a desire to pair up Jin and Haru, mainly because they are both sexyfine. Dr. Genome explains how the two met:

Yesterday I started wondering how Haru and Jin first met. I wound up with the mental image of their eyes meeting at the tea shop, and then they spend the next thirty minutes preening at each other from across the room. She bends over to pick something up, he flips his hair, she tucks a lock behind her ear, he twirls his moustache, and the whole time their eyes are just SMOLDERING.[1]

The silliness of it all made me giggle like a little girl.

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