Gai Dao
Biographical information
Nationality Earth Kingdom
Age Teenager
Physical description
Gender Male
Personal Information
Allies Ching, Hannon, Pao, Tetsu
Enemies Tseng, The Gaang Jr.
Weapon of choice Fists, Earth
Fighting Style(s) Fistfighting, Earthbending
Chronological and political information

Crewmember of Ching's Glory


The Anti-Gaang Jr.

Background Edit

Gai Dao is a member of Ching’s “anti-Gaang Jr.” crew. A young man from a small fishing village in the Earth Kingdom, he is a relatively talented Earthbender and has an above-average physique, but what truly sets him apart is the degree to which he exaggerates the former two attributes. Be presents himself as the ultimate tough guy, the sort of badass dude who’ll beat you up and steal your girlfriend and cheat on her with your mom. This macho posturing rarely does anything more than make people hate him, but he assumes that they are simply jealous.

In combat, Gai Dao is perfectly content to rely on his fists, but will use Earthbending when it would be necessary, convenient, or particularly cool. His preferred mode of attack is to simply pull a big chunk of rock out of the ground and either send it hurling at his enemies or simply whack them with it like a giant, unbalanced club.

Relationships Edit

Gai Dao has an uneasy relationship with his crewmates. He believes himself to be fundamentally better then them, and they see him for the loudmouth he is. The only exception is Pao, who is young and simple enough to actually believe the older boy’s claims, and actually looks up to him to a certain degree. Ching only keeps him around because he’s actually useful sometimes and seems to enjoy any task that allows him to display feats of strength. He is, like the rest of the crew, terrified of her.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Gai Dao acts as the opposite of Tseng.
  • Gai Dao is derived from the name Guido, which is used in contemporary slang to denote a particular breed of jerkwad.
  • Gai Dao hates every single one of you.