Biographical information
Nationality Pirates
Age Mid-twenties
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Gold
Personal Information
Allies Gai Dao, Hannon, Pao, Tetsu, Fenghuang
Enemies The Gaang Jr., pretty much everyone else
Weapon of choice Sword
Fighting Style(s) Drunken
Chronological and political information



Daughter of the Pirate King, Captain of Ching's Glory

If y' calls me a 'Princess' one more time, I'm gonna...I'm really summink. But firs', jus' lemme get sum grog down' sea's so pretty when iss purply...*collapses*

Ching (Ching the Wild, and the Pirate Princess Ching) is a formidable and insane pirate, even more so when drunk (and she usually is).

Background Edit

Ching is the daughter of a Pirate King, which might make her a "Pirate Princess." However, she hates that term, which only makes the kids use it that much more when crossing blades with her.

Stories Edit

  • Drunk Hayoda, by anonymous /co/mrade. A captive Hayoda has a long talk with Ching the Wild.

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