Stupid Sexy Aang Edit

"I'm still for the idea that Katara turns into a drooling schoolgirl whenever Aang does something even remotely sexy."

"Mrs. Katara? What's Mr. Aang doing?"

"...Pushups...*Dreamy sigh*"

"And Aang has a bunch of prepubescent fangirls. Who are always giggling and staring at him whenever he's out practicing his bending or even going to the market. Sometimes Katara is giggling with them."

Hell Hath No Fury Edit

"You know, I just realized just how incredibly scary Katara would be when she learns of her little babies running away:"

Aang: You'd want to stay away from her right now... It's scary.

Sokka: Just how scary we talkin here?

Aang: Somewhere between having to meet Koh on laughing gas and 3 Ozais.

Sokka: Yikes.

"And it's funny imagining Aang trying to calm RAGEtara down:"

Aang: Calm down now... Just think about what we were doing at their age.

Katara: We were going around the world on a flying bison trying to help the Avatar, the strongest bender in the world defeat an entire nation that had been terrorizing the world for the past 100 years.

Aang: Err, yeah. And what are the kids doing?

Katara: ... sailing around in a boat.

Empty Nest Edit

"I'm convinced Aang was trying to go for a third... And then the GaangJr escaped..."

"I bet their kids running off will just make them try harder. Empty nest syndrome and all that."

(So, what, the first few weeks of The Adventure, Katara and Aang don't even leave the house (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)?)

Probably how it went for all the parents:


DAY 2: "Our kids are gone... that means... hmm, we can afford to give them a little bit of a head start."

DAYS 3-14: Too hot for TV.

For the first time in years, Fire Lord Zuko feels his cockblock-sense tingling...