Aang is an existing character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. See Aang's article on the Avatar Wiki for more information.

Biographical information
Nationality Air Nomads
Age 30s
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color None to be seen, to the occasional disappointment of Katara
Eye color Grey
Personal Information
Allies The Parents
Weapon of choice Air, Water, Earth, Fire
Fighting Style(s) He's the Avatar
Chronological and political information


Avatar Aang', known to close relations as simply Aang, is the Avatar- the living embodiment of the planet and all those that live on it. In other words, he's Captain Planet but without the fake Heart element. Aang became the Avatar following the death of the preceding Avatar, Roku, and due to odd circumstances was frozen in an iceberg along with Appa just prior to the start of The War.

Skip ahead 100 years. Aang and Appa are found by Katara and Sokka, who break them out of the ice and start their quest to end the war, building up the Gaang along the way. Despite many hardships and lots of filler, they are successful in this goal.

Skip ahead 20 more years. Aang has married Katara, as everyone saw coming, and the two of them (when Aang isn't off doing Avatarly things) have devoted their lives to restoring the Air Nomads. And they've had kids- two, in fact- and are about to learn the trials of parenthood.

Aang and Katara have two children:

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